Custom Rom CyanMobile

Sejak perkembangannya yang mulai memisahkan diridari cyanogenmod, cyanmobile tidak takut untuk tampil beda, terutama untuk Tampilan,setting, kemampuan maupun nama room sendiri terlihat dari penampakan serta kehebatannya di HH  android .
Di ss pertama ini untuk penampakan cyanmobile setelah diflash . Mastha Yanuar Harry aka Squadzone yah, beliau adalah pakarnya dalam cyanMobile ini. Untuk update rilis terbaru langsung saja cekidot untuk SS nya:

Current Changelog  ( compare to cm7.2 ) :

Added show/hide Alarm/3G/wifi/bluetooth/signal/headset/clock/battery/notification/clock/date/All icon Statusbar.
Added 5 different Battery style Statusbar with Changing color.
Added 3 different Clock Position Statusbar.
Option to changing color date/ticker/clock/title/ongoing/clear/item/time notification.
Added 12 different Carrier Label style with Logo image support, Changing font size, Changing color and Custom text label.
Added show/hide Statusbar with option to reverse icon position.
Option to changing Statusbar height and font size.
Added 7 different Statusbar background with Custom image support and Changing color.
Added 6 different Notification dropdown background with Custom image support and Changing color.
Added 4 different Notification Power Widget layout.
Added Music widget.
Customizing Power Menu ( show/hide all toggles ).
Option show/hide avatar in SMS/MMS.
Option to changing font type and replace font system.
Option to changing Overscroll color. ( already in cm7.2 build )
Option to changing Bootanimation and Bootsound.
Support Bravia engine.
Option to changing LCD density.
Option to disable/enable vibrate on shutdown.
Added Custom action for Quick key.
Support Quick press Home button.
Added 7 different Lockscreen style ( 3 ready, 1 beta, 3 alpha ) with Changing text color, Fuzzy time widget, and Custom text lockscreen.
Added Support Enable Bootsound and Changing volume.
Added GMAPS hack option.
Added KSM option.
Added Battery polling option.
Added Low Mem Killer option.
Added IO scheduler option.
Added SD read ahead size option.
Added Max Screen off CPU freq option.
Added Power Saver option ( Suspend/Hibernate/Power saving )
Added enable/disable Lock volume keys. ( already in cm7.2 build )
Added enable/disable Default volume media. ( already in cm7.2 build )
Added Swap volume keys option.
Added enable/disable Back button end call option.
Added enable/disable Menu button answer call option.
Added enable/disable Loop ringtone.
Added enable/disable Call me louder inside bag.
Added enable/disable Flip down to mute ringer/alarm.
Added Timer shutdown option.
Added Compass calibration option.
Added Touchscreen calibration option.
Added Accelerometer calibration option.
Support Bug report sender.
Added enable/disable Navigation Statusbar with customizing option.
Added enable/disable Navigation Bar ( Backported from ICS ) with customizing option.
Added enable/disable Full/Low battery alert.
Added enable/disable Root access.
Optimizing Smooth Music Playback and new option.
Re-factored Framework for better view.
New wallpaper .
Modded ADW Launcher with new dockbar and many new option.
Integrated Theme Chooser within Settings.
Get System Updates From Within Settings –LilgUpdater/BladeUpdater/ShuvitUpdater is included in Settings Menu.
Added Implementation Video Ringtone support.
Added Implementation Hardware acceleration support.
Added SIM Contact Export/Import.
Added Contact Speed Dial.
Added Emoji SMS/MMS support.
Added Bluetooth tether and FTP support.
Added DroidWall Support.
Update Latest Skia/busybox/Iptables/Webkit/jpeg-turbo/bash/freetype/dnsmasq.
Improve Gallery3D cache.
SIMToolKit fixed. ( only for blade 😦 )
Using ICS theme.
Added SMS Bubble theme.
Added SMS vibrate  morse code.
Added SMS brutal sender.
Add SMS PopUp ( works without contacts ).
Fix Network operator option ( for samsung device ).
Added Increasing ring volume option after a few seconds after ringing.
Added Charger plugged sound ( still not works ).
Added Lockscreen pattern style option. ( already in cm7.2 build )
Added Longpress quick key to Open QuickAction shortcut to CM-Settings
Added Longpress menu key to Open QuickAction shortcut to Settings (1/2)
Added Longpress search key to Open QuickAction shortcut to Settings (2/2)
Added Less Notification sound delay for each app
Added Force Incall UI option

sudah kepingin untuk mencoba ??

resiko tanggung penumpang




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